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Upcoming Dates

12th July  First day of Term 3

30th July Mini Olympics Day

8th August Jeans for Genes/Crazy Hair Day

23rd to 27th August Book Week

9th September Learning Conversations/R U OK day

17th September Last day of Term 3 – 2.30pm finish

4th October  First day of Term 4

20th October  Geelong Cup Public Holiday

17th December  Last day of Term 4


School Council

The school is supported through the work of the School Council that strengthens the provision of education for our students. It sets the educational policy and direction, and oversees the finances and resources to enable the school to carry out its educational purpose. School Countil meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm, and Finance at 9am.

Membership consists of parent/carers, community, and DET personnel. Calls for nominations and a subsequent election occurs in term one each year and membership is for up to two years.

2021 Membership:

  • President: vacant
  • Vice President: Ingrid Jennings (Parent Rep)
  • Treasurer: Diana Duffy (Parent Rep)
  • Executive Officer: Suzanne Amstrong (Principal)
  • Elise Mascarin (DET Rep)
  • Neil Lynch (Co-opted Member)
  • Sharlene Gillick (Co-opted Member)

Minute Secretary: Carolyn Haskett (Business Manager)

Student Uniform

Wearing of school uniform is the expectation for all students at Hamlyn Views School. The uniform for our school, can be purchased from Bellarine Uniforms at 162 Moorabool St, Geelong. Order forms are available at the school office along with sample sizes to try on. Please see attached Student Dress Code and Uniform Price List.

Student Dress Code

Uniform Pricelist 20/21

Monty’s Cafe

Monty’s Café is run by the Later Years students.  The students make and deliver cookies, coffee/hot chocolate/tea and occaisional lunch orders for staff and students.  The Later Years students are developing their Real-life Engaging Applied Learning (REAL) skills while working in the Café. The students are leading every part of the process from organising the coffee orders and money, getting the ingredients together, following the cookie recipe, making the coffee and delivering to staff and students. The students are very enthusiastic and are always willing to be part of Monty’s Café.  We are looking forward to the expansion of Monty’s Café as the school grows.

Resource Smart

Resource Smart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative that will help our school benefit from embedding sustainability in everything we do. Our school will take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability Victoria have funded us to participate in Resource Smart Schools and receive facilitation support from CERES.

Hamlyn Views School will strive to make a positive contribution to sustainability at school, home and beyond. We will achieve this by ensuring we integrate sustainability into all areas of the curriculum and embed a sense of ownership of and pride in improving the environment. We will lead the community by demonstrating exemplary practices in waste management, water and energy usage, and use of our exceptional school grounds to improve biodiversity.

 Energy – To monitor and control energy consumption within the school so that we reduce our impact on the natural environment; use resources and equipment as efficiently as possible; include students in developing and maintaining an energy efficient school; educate students, staff and the whole community about the best practice for energy efficiency; the sustainable design features in our school; and conduct auditing and monitoring of energy usage around our school.

 Waste –  To use an integrated waste management system within the school so that we reduce our impact on the natural environment; practise the 7R’s waste minimisation hierarchy; close the loop on organic waste onsite; manage recycled products and landfill waste daily in the appropriate manner; educate students, staff and the whole community about the best practices for waste management; and conduct auditing and monitoring of litter and waste at our school.

 Biodiversity – To use the sustainable design features in our school to continually improve biodiversity; optimise the teaching of sustainability education using the natural environment; educate students, staff and the whole community about actions for improving biodiversity in our school, and linking school vegetation and habitats with surrounding areas; and conduct biodiversity auditing to improve the habitat quality at our school.

Water – To monitor and control water consumption within the school so that we reduce our impact on the natural environment; to appreciate water as a precious resource; educate students, staff and the whole community about the best practice for water efficiency; and conduct auditing and monitoring of water usage and stormwater collection around our school.

Green Team

Our Green Team members are the most important kids in the school. They set a great example and encourage others to care for our environment. Green Teams are student leaders. With support from the Resource Smart Co-Ordinator and the staff Green Team, Green Team members create and run projects and campaigns at your school to fix the environmental problems that we think are the most important to the students at our school.


Staff Green Team:

  • Sam Simpkin
  • Sharon Miguel
  • Catherine Dawson
  • Bianca Tyler
  • Ranelle McNamara
  • Tori Cracknell 
  • Gemma Philis
  • Jess Blakeley

Student Green Team:

  • Will
  • Adnan
  • Zulfiqar
  • Hadi
  • Briteny
  • Cambrie