About Our School

Hamlyn Views School is a Special Developmental School that opened in term one, 2018. It provides a specialist education for children and young people with a moderate to profound intellectual disability and accepts enrolments from eligible students Foundation to Year Twelve. It has been built to accommodate up to 168 students and provides a new option for families, complementing existing special education provision in the Greater Geelong area. It has the same enrolment requirements as Barwon Valley School in Belmont.

The school has been built as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) school as part of a Learning Communities Victoria consortium with key partners WATPAC, AMBER, Victorian School Building Authority, CERES and SPOTLESS. The PPP model means the school is financed, designed, constructed and maintained by the private sector to high contractual standards over 25 years allowing the Principal and Teachers to focus on student learning rather than asset management.

Hamlyn Views School has high expectations for all students and aims to ensure their successful futures by providing a safe, respectful and personalised learning environment that values and demonstrates care, innovation and inclusive practices. It is committed to being an outstanding Special Developmental School, recognised as a world class Centre of Expertise in Special Education.

The school offers a comprehensive and sequential continuum of learning based on the Victorian Curriculum A – 10, as well as integrating programs and content to develop student’s independence, real-life skills, personal and social capabilities. Senior Secondary students will undertake individual pathways planned to support a successful transition from school to post-school life.


Hamlyn Views School has contemporary facilities designed on the principles of Universal Design that support flexibility and accessibility for all learners. Unique features of the learning environment include:


Studio Arts and Performing Arts spaces


Life Skills centre and Adaptable Project space


STEM space and Recording studio


Kitchens in Learning Neighbourhoods and a school Canteen


A five year partnership with CERES to become an accredited Resource Smart School


A three year partnership with Melbourne University to deliver a Music Therapy program by a registered Music Therapist, assisted by two Music Therapy Masters students


A Hydrotherapy pool


Life Skills centre and Adaptable Project space


Stadium, Fitness room and Outdoor Sport’s and Playground areas


Dedicated Consulting rooms for Allied Health professionals


Acoustically treated and sensitive learning spaces


Corridor walls that provide tactile sensory stimulation


Learning spaces that can be reconfigured to accommodate changing needs

Currently our school has 57 students and eight classes – 2 x Foundation, 3 x Early Years, 2 x Middle Years and a Co-Teaching Later Years. Staff include a Principal, Assistant Principal, Business Manager, 9 Classroom Teachers and 12 Classroom Education Support Staff along with a full-time School Nurse and a part-time Inclusion Co-ordinator. Specialist Teachers deliver curriculum programs in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education. We also provide onsite access to Physiotherapy two days a week, Speech Therapy three days per week and Music Therapy 2 days a week. A full-time Occupational Therapist and Allied Health Assistant works closely with other therapists and school staff in the delivery of student therapy across the week.

Our motivated staff are an exciting blend of experience and expertise in special education and are committed to creating a collaborative, positive and supportive school community that ensures only the very best learning outcomes and future pathways for our students.


What students can enrol?
  • Foundation to Year 12.
  • Diagnosed with an intellectual disability, ranging from moderate to severe. FSIQ < Under 50.
  • Eligible for the ‘Program for Students with Disabilities’ (PSD).
What is the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) application process?
  • Application is undertaken by Hamlyn Views when it appears likely children will meet our school’s intellectual range. If there is any uncertainty about this, the process is done at a families neighbourhood school.
  • Assessment Australia are contracted by the Department of Education to coordinate PSD assessments that include an IQ Assessment and Vineland. Current therapy and/or medical reports are required to provide evidence for a child’s application along with an Educational Needs Questionnaire. Many families have NDIS therapists who can assist by providing reports such as Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. The Principal or Assistant Principal will step families through the PSD application process.

PSD Information Guide For Parents And Carers

Are enrolments open?
  • All enrolments for term one, 2020 should be finalised by 1st November, 2019. Late enrolments will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Contact Principal Suzanne Armstrong at school Phone: 03 5215 5700 or via email: hamlyn.views.school@edumail.vic.gov.au
Is there a bus service?

DET provides contracted buses to transport students to school, subject to distance to school and available seats. Bus Forms will be provided to families so students can travel on the bus, this will also include an individual travel plan. Currently the school has two buses.



What curriculum is offered?
The school provides a comprehensive and sequential continuum of learning based on the Victorian Curriculum F – 10 that includes levels A to D, as well as integrating programs and content to develop students’ independence, real-life skills, and personal and social capabilities. Senior Secondary students undertake individual pathways planned to support a successful transition from school to post-school life.
Are therapy services provided?

Therapy is available to support student’s educational access with programs designed by therapists in conjunction with school staff and families. We currently employ a part-time Speech Therapist (3 days) and Physiotherapist (2 days). Aquatic Therapy is conducted on a fortnightly basis. The school also has twice weekly Music therapy through an arrangement with Melbourne University that assists Masters of Music Therapy students to undertake placements under the guidance of a fully qualified Music Therapist.

Our school is very fortunate to have a full-time Occupational Therapist and an Allied Health Assistant that works across all classes to implement programs and provide therapy support to individual students.

We endeavour to work closely with NDIS therapists to support individual students. For more information contact the Assistant Principal Michele Marcu.

What specialist programs will be provided?
  • Physical Education, including swimming and bike education
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
Is there a school uniform?
  • Yes, a school uniform has been designed and it is an expectation that all students wear it. Bellarine Uniforms, Ryrie Street Geelong are the suppliers. Contact number is (03) 5221 9199. A School Uniform List is included in the enrolment pack, or can be obtained from the office.
Are there any Parent Payments?
  • Parent Payment information is included in the Enrolment Pack. Contact the Business Manager Carolyn Haskett for more information about this matter.
How will student transition to the new school be managed?
  • Foundation students will participate in 4 transition sessions from November to December prior to the year they commence schooling.
  • An enrolment pack will be distributed that will include a Parent Information Booklet, and Parent Payment details.
  • A ‘Social Story’ will be provided about commencing school during the transition sessions.
  • Transition and Step up day will occur for all students on Tuesday 10th December 2019.
Important School Dates

School Office Open: Tuesday 28th  January, 2020. Hours 8:30am – 4:00pm

Student Free Days: Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th January, 2020

First day for all students: Thursday 30th January, 2020

Foundation times: Foundation students will undertake a phased commencement, attending mornings only from 9:00am to 12:15pm during weeks 1 and 2 in term one.

All Foundation students will not attend on a Wednesday during February, however they will be scheduled for some assessments on these days, which will be co-ordinated by their classroom teacher.

School Hours

School will start at 9:00am and finish at 3:00pm each week day. Office hours are from 8:30am-4:00pm.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?
Suzanne Armstrong
Ph: (03) 5215 5700

Assistant Principal
Michele Marcu
Ph: (03) 5215 5700

Business Manager
Carolyn Haskett
Ph. (03) 5215 5700